Thursday, April 21, 2016

Giving and receiving glory

To glorify God (display his infinite value/glory/worth to others) is to value God.


To value him is to glorify him i.e. when we truly value God we honor him not only by our valuing of him itself but in any actions that spring forth from our valuing him. We are saying to others he is valuable to us by our disposition and our actions and therefore would be valuable to them as well. 

To say this another way, we align our lives with what we value most and any actions that helps us to gain what we value most. If we recognize GOD is THE most valuable "object" of all "objects" (the King of kings and the LORD of lords... The most high God), we will align our lives (how we live/act) with honoring him, so we might gain and participate in who he is and what he's about. To do so is telling others by our actions that God is most valuable to us (and therefore possibly to them).  

To value him is also to love him

An invitation to glorify God is an invitation to be loved by him and love him in return. It is an invitation to love and value him above all things and be loved and valued by him above anything else in creation. This is the essence of relationship with God; the receiving and giving of love/worth/value. This is the essence of God himself as Father, Son and Spirit in relationship

To love the most lovely and recognize God is the most lovely and most valuable is to experience and participate in the greatest love and value possible. Not only his, but ours as well. 

We were created by the all glorious God to be in a relationship with him. In order for us to fully enter into this relationship and fully enjoy him, we had to be created with the greatest possible capacity of seeing, experiencing and enjoying him in all his glory i.e. We were made in the image of our Creator, created to give and receive glory/value/love just like he does. The more completely we are like him the more fully we can enjoy him.

When we rejected God and broke away from this relationship of receiving and reflecting back his glory/value/love, the need for us to give and receive glory/value/love did not go away. We still need to value/love something and in turn be valued/loved. It is how we are wired by virtue of being in God's image; the most valuable of all.  

Only now, in our state of rebellion, we seek to fill that need for love and glory with everything but God; everything created, which also happens to be infinitely inferior to the Creator. Therefore it never works. Creation is finite after all. We however are eternal and created for the infinite i.e. God almighty himself. 

There is no getting around this fact; we were made for this; for infinite glory/value/love and therefore must have it. It is the very core of our being.

The main issue is where do we go to best fulfill this innate aspect of who we are designed to be if not to the Designer himself?

Like Christ but different. How does it matter?  

Christ is the eternal and only begotten, not created, image bearer of God. The exact representation of his being. Heb 1:3 Col 1:15God of very God

We are the created image bearers of God, designed to receive and give him glory just as the Son does with the Father and the Father with the Son. Jn 17:20-23

We were created by God and like God so we could fully enter into and participate in the glory received and given between the Father and Son; a glory and love entered into and united by the Spirit of love/value/glory between the Father and Son. Jn 17:1-5, 13

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