Monday, June 26, 2017

Hard wired for greatness

Reducing people to something 1less than human (such as holding someone as a political or emotional prisoner or hostage) isn't tolerated long by those being abused (particularly if they have a strong belief of their own worth/dignity). 

Why? Because we are image bearers of one who is of infinite worth, we can not remain long in a state of being treated without dignity (unless we have lost complete hope of finding relief). We will find a way... one way or another to fill the void and pain of worthlessness (being treated as such) and relieve that pain or die trying (if we ever lose complete hope of obtaining a sense of worth/ meaning/purpose, we will end our lives). 

We applaud the human spirit. We love it when someone, against all odds, refuses to give in to the struggles and set backs of life and fights back against being treated as less then they are (and were designed to be). Instead of giving up, they battle back against opposition, defeat and pain to eventually rise and 2overcome it. The greater the struggle, the more we cheer when they overcome it. The sweetest victory is the one that occurs after it seems least likely to happen.

This is why we love an epic battle of 3good vs evil in movies such as Star Wars (box office sales prove the universal appeal) or any movie that depicts an underdog overcoming seemingly overwhelming adversity such as "Rudy", "Hoosiers" or "Shawn Shank Redemption." We love it when these underdogs are in the battle of their life and desperately losing (or considered "losers") than, against all odds they come back and win. Super Bowl LI with the history making come back of Tom Brady and the Patriots also comes to mind. Even if you didn't like the Patriots you still may quietly respect and maybe even admire their "never quit" approach to the game. At a minimum you will at least wish your team had the same focus and determination.

Why does this connect so deeply within us all? Why do we cheer the Rocky's of the world so enthusiastically?  

We desire greatness and we cheer those on who achieve it. We are all wired for infinite worth. To engage it, experience it and live it!

We all look and hope for something more. Even to the point we live it out vicariously through various celebrity types. We worship "successful" people because it makes us feel important. "Check it out! I know this or that about so and so (sharing something about some well know celebrity)!! Wooowhoooo!!"" If we ever lose hope of obtaining some sense of value/importance/worth, we give up and die. 

But why is this? Why such universal appeal? 

We are all hard wired for greatness because we are hard wired for (to engage, participate in and experience) GOD who is greatest

We are all wired for GOD. And not just any god but the only true God who created and sustains everything; who is of infinite worth, greatness, love and beauty. A God we were designed to fully engage, experience and enjoy. 

Because we were wired to engage and experience greatness i.e. God himself, we long for it (greatness) because he is greatest. 

However we settle for far less than we were designed for. We settle for the finite when we are designed for the Infinite i.e. the things of creation instead of the Creator. We go about life content (but only short term; moment to moment, like a bee constantly seeking pollen) when we experience the slightest little thing that affirms us. 

But only the Infinite will do. Why? Because we were designed for the Infinite, Almighty, All Glorious, Majestic, Loving and Beautiful God! Ultimately nothing else can or will do.  


 1 Who are of great value as God's image bearers (and therefore need to experience/feel and participate in great value)

2 This is why death is so gut wrenching and puzzling. It just feels wrong. We have an innate sense, life should never end (and we only give up on living when we can no longer acquire or enjoy the things of life as easily as we grow older or somehow are unable to enjoy the fruits of this life). Even though death is a common part of our existence, instinctively we know death is an aberration not a normal part of life.  

This is also why overcoming death, is such an exciting and appealing message/reality. This is why the resurrection of Christ is so vital.

3 Note what characterizes good verse evil is rooted in being treated or not treated with value; being loved as we wish to be loved, treated as we wish to be treated. Where does this come from? It goes directly to the infinite worth of God himself. To explore this more click here

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