Sunday, April 9, 2017


· Preaching:

I can do a one time message or both a morning and evening message or a weekend retreat at the venue of your choice. This can be at your church, retreats, campus ministries, etc.

· Teaching:

I offer a workshop on the essentials of spiritual formation. Depending on your needs and schedule. This can run anywhere from 6 hours of class time to 12 hours (or longer if desired). We cover the same essential material regardless of the length of a workshop but break it down into greater detail in the more extended presentation.

Though I don't charge for speaking time itself, I ask that all expenses related to any travel be covered in advance. An offering is always helpful and appreciated but is not required for me to come. Gifts however do free me to spend more time in continuing to support others and post new articles to our blog. 

You can reach me by email at: 

· "Life skills"coaching/mentoring: 
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Ministry/Leadership Experience:

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