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Liberal vs Conservative or pick

The conservative/liberal debate is an interesting one and there are some real differences philosophically.

The heart of the difference is the view of humanity's condition.

Are we inherently "good" or "bad?" 

(the bible says we were originally made good and still have inherent in us the capacity for great good but as long as we reject and remain disconnected from the source of life, love and all things we can do no real and lasting (eternal) good. And since we were made for eternity, that is where the greater focus should be).

If we are good and our problem is our environment/circumstances than we need to fix it (them) and our problems are solved. (a more liberal view. Generally this is called humanism)

If we are bad and we are corrupt than we need to fix our heart and the world will get better. (more common in conservative circles, though there are exceptions. However also common is the view that law is the primary solution to our problems vs a change of heart)

The solution

Ultimately receiving God's love first and showing it to each other is the only solution to the worlds woes. Expecting or looking to politicians or government to bring this about is not.

The truth is liberals actually have the right idea but the wrong method i.e. They recognize the need for love and compassion, generally far better then conservatives, but tend to count on government and politicians to bring it about, generally far more then conservatives.

However, corrupt men make up corrupt institutions i.e. apart from God's grace all institutions are corrupted by virtue of being run by men whose heart is corrupt and alienated from their Creator.

Corrupt institutions enforce corrupt laws and reinforce corrupt behavior. The solution for man's woes are from the inside out and not the other way around.

Liberals generally do not recognize the extent of the corruption in the hearts of men/women. They believe the greatest need for change is in our world/circumstances, not our heart. This is why they are so "program" driven and see the solution to the worlds woes ultimately in man. Create a program and that will fix the broken circumstances/environment. If it's not working, throw more money at it. 

But an issue with the conservative (as well as the liberal, they just do it in different ways) is the tendency to depend primarily on law (this can actually lead to a police state and dictatorship when taken to the extreme). Though law enforcement is valid and necessary, it does nothing to change the heart of man, nor is it intended to. 

Government and law enforcement has one primary role, to punish law breakers, not change hearts. (for fuller discussion on this click here). When men refuse to let their hearts be changed, law enforcement is necessary to prevent them from harming each other. The civil authorities are not in the heart changing business but the morality enforcement business for the safety of society at large.  

But the bottom line is all politician's tend to consider the solution lies with them/man /government (that goes for both sides of the aisle). 

Government is not the solution however. It has it's role but not the bloated role it plays today  (which both sides practice though conservatives tend preach against it).

What most don't realize is only 35 years prior to the American Revolution, our country experienced what was known as the first Great Awakening when our country become considerably more aware and alive to the love of and for God and their fellow man.  This was the soil out of which the "great American experiment" was born; the first and only government by and for the people. 

The point is our system works best where man and women are self governed most i.e. they have a strong sense of accountability to their Creator and loving God with all their hearts etc and loving their neighbor as themselves. This further indicates the solution does not lie in government but in a people who fear God, starting with those who claim to know Christ and love God 2 Chronicles 7:14

This was the key to
America's greatness, not our form of government. Our form of government was merely workable because of the spiritual orientation of the citizens. It is the best but only if and when we are self governed. This is also why the solution to our woes is a return to loving God and our neighbor which is only possible when the hearts of individual men and women are made alive again to God. 

Government was ultimately intended to protect and preserve our "right" or freedom to pursue our Creator with minimal government interference. To do some of the stuff most politicians advocate (especially the big budget variety) is restrictive (takes away freedom via increasing taxation, regulation and enforcement) and will cost someone something. Government can't grow money. Though they try by printing it out of thin air but look where that has gotten us.

In fact the USD (US Dollar) is getting ready to lose world currency status ( because of our corrupt and abusive monetary system. A far bigger problem than most realize and no one ever talks about (at least not in the main stream news and not to the level of importance it deserves). 

The below site has a short two minute video at the top. This is the reality that NO one is talking about to any significant degree on EITHER side. (Ron Paul spoke of it often. His son, Carson and I think Cruz and even Trump have eluded to it).

The difference between conservatives and liberals is basically in HOW do we divvy up the money, not that there isn't any. In this way both conservatives and liberals are exactly the same. They both operate under the pretense that we have a honest money system. 

There does seem to be indication that the new administration has some level of awareness of this. Time will tell. 

When watching the vid, note the dollar amounts referenced in the bottom left side of the vid. Also add 3 columns to the ones around the statute of Liberty since Obama just raised the debt ceiling to 20 Trillion (and this was not just an Obama thing. This has been going on for years by both parties, though Obama increased the debt the most and quickest of any Prez).

When our monetary system implodes (it's a matter of when not if) there will be no money to do any of the things any politicians propose. We will be back to either bartering or a police state depending on which way government goes and how the masses respond (or don't). Than no one will care about minimum wage, or fighting terrorism or whatever one's pet issue is.

If we believe man is our solution we are in for a disappointment. Our solution is and always has been God and we are learning more and more the hard way, exactly that.

Put someone in office you think will do the best job? Absolutely, but we better be spending far more energy praying than wringing our hands about whatever issue has us frazzled (which are only symptoms and not the cause), if we wish to see the real solution and real change. 

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  1. WOW! You wrote some things that I have been thinking. You also surfaced some info & insights that I was previously unaware of. Overall, this post is very illuminating on matters political and spiritual. Thank you Jim!


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