Monday, November 16, 2015

Trinity - it's importance and necessity

A key aspect of the essence of God is relationship. Without relationship between the Father Son and Spirit there is no God (or love). The oneness of God is a oneness of relationship. Even though each of the three persons of the Godhead are God, they are God together and not God separately, independently and individually without or outside of relationship.

None of the persons of the Godhead stand alone, independent of each other by virtue of the fact that to be fully the God he is, he must be God in 
relationship making all three persons necessary for "Godness" to exist.

When the Bible says that God is love it is because he is relationship. And not just any kind of relationship but one defined by love i.e. the giving and receiving of glory/value/worth. A relationship in which each is valued/loved by the other.

Because the Son issues forth from the Father and the Spirit issues forth from the Father and the Son they are all God. So in this sense everything issues forth from only one God as Father, yet God cannot be Father without the Son and the relationship between the Father and the Son is bound together and expressed in, by and through the Spirit. There is no relationship between the Father and the Son without the Spirit.

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