Sunday, January 15, 2017

Welcome! How to navigate this blog.

Before I address the logistics of how to navigate this site, it may be helpful to know exactly what this site is about and why I have it up and offer it to you. 

Simply stated, this site consists of my thoughts about God as I have pondered him in my travels through this crazy, messed up, broken and beautiful world; what does it look like to walk with God and how do we best travel this pilgrimage for his highest glory and our greatest joy (these are not in tension or opposition by the way. Dig in to this site and discover why).

These thoughts are conclusions I have come to based on what I have seen (an ongoing process by the way) in scripture first, the human condition (my own and others) and how to apply those conclusions (hopefully accurate ones) to real life problems and challenges. 

In short, I share those things God has helped me see that have freed me to better love and honor him and love my "neighbor" in hopes they will also help you to do the same in your own spiritual journey.

God speed and happy navigating. 

·        Navigate this blog:

This blog is organized primarily through the navigation bar immediately above (also pictured here below).

Just mouse over the categories listed in the horizontal bar above (if you are on a mobile device the topics may display with several bars stacked horizontally instead of just one) and click on a particular topic of interest in the drop down menu as showing in the example on the right. 

When you click on a topic (e.g. love, faith, obedience etc.), several blog posts (maybe a dozen depending on the topic) will be displayed on the page that deal directly or indirectly with that topic (you may have to read the entire post to get the connection). Keep scrolling to the end of the page until you come to the last blog post, then click on "next post" (see example immediately below) under the bottom right hand side of the last displayed article. Repeat this until there are no more pages. You may have as many as 5 full pages of posts before you come to the last post on that subject. Pick and choose the ones that sound most like what you are looking for. 

Also throughout my posts are embedded links to other posts, which display in a lighter blue font as you see here (whenever you "mouse over" a link your cursor pointer will display. Try it). Most of what I post are singular points of discussion that are also tied to a unified whole. So each post, though somewhat a stand alone article, is also often best understood in relation to other topics, therefore the embedded links. As of Feb 2018 we have published just over 200 posts. 

·        Search this blog:

You can also search this blog with the search feature near the top of this page, on the left, under the above navigation bar, also pictured here on right ----------->  

Just type in a word or phrase such as "love" or "the image of God" etc and a list of articles with that word or phrase will display. Again, there may be as many as a dozen or more articles that will come up. Keep scrolling down and/or click on "next post" to see them all. 

If you wish to see the posts in chronological order they are listed under "Blog Archive" on the left of this page. 

The most popular posts over the last week are on the right. 

·        Subscribe to this blog:

If you find the articles I post interesting or helpful click here to subscribe. All you need to provide is an active email address. Just click on this link and follow the directions. The instructions immediately below are available only if you have further questions. 

Just add your email address, type in the security text displayed and click on "submit." After clicking on submit, check your inbox for an email with a link to confirm your subscription. Click on that link. Once you do you will receive all future posts in your email inbox. We usually post once a week on average. 

·        Recommend this blog:

Feel free to recommend this blog to others. 

·        Ask questions:

If you have any questions or comments on any article/post, you can submit them at the bottom of each post just like you see below. 

IF a comment field is not showing, you will see "no comments", "1 comment" etc., at the end of each article. If you do, simply click on it and a field to make a comment will appear as you see in the pic below.  

(when you have finished your comment, before you "publish" (i.e. post)  your comment, select "comment as" right under the comment area. Just pick "anonymous" as you see in the picture above, if you don't use any of the other options listed) 

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