Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's just who I am.

Once we say our desires alone define who we are then any desire goes.

If I desire young children sexually or animals or even dead people (yes there are folks that are attracted to this. It's called necrophilia), then it is OK because that's just who I am.

Of course these are extreme examples to illustrate a point. It becomes apparent there must be something other than desires that determines right and wrong behavior.

If we say desire and consent is alone the determining factor for what is right and wrong, then it's OK for two people to consent to kill a third person simply because they want to. If the third person doesn't agree or consent does that make them "murderaphobic" or hateful towards the other two?

When we worship at the altar of self, eventually anything goes as long as self is fulfilled. This assumes that there is no fulfillment outside of self gratification. But what if there is?

If we are broken (and we all are in different ways. For some the manifestation of that brokenness is more obvious and less socially acceptable than others i.e. It's a matter of kind and extent, not whether we are or are not) and offered a solution but refuse it, that is a choice we are responsible for. 

If we are offered greater fulfillment outside of our preferred manner of fulfillment, but refuse it, that does not make the offer inadequate, illegitimate or unreal, it simply means we refuse the offer.

What defines someone being whole versus being broken? The creator and designer of that someone.


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