Thursday, November 12, 2015

What made America great?

Unity amidst diversity is what has made America unique.

The unifying factor was the common fundamental values that drove men and women to leave their homeland and establish a new country. Ever since its founding, these same values have drawn men and women here over the years. The same values embodied in our founding documents.

The diversity was the richness of our various cultural backgrounds.

So while we are different (a melting pot, as they say) we have also been the same i.e. had the same basic common values. On the great seal of the United States is the phrase "E Pluribus Unum" which in Latin means "out of many, one."

The primary common value that moved our forefathers to come here was freedom. The main one among the very earliest settlers was being free to worship and serve God as they believe he had called them to, without government interference. (Not just any God but the God who says loving Him with all our heart first is the most important thing, and out of this loving our neighbors. According to the bible (a book often derided in today's culture) pursuit of this is good and right; not to pursue it is destructive and wrong). All other freedoms flowed from this.

In all that America has offered we have never guaranteed happiness, only the freedom to pursue happiness. (Think of the Will Smith movie "The Pursuit of Happiness").

Both unity and diversity are what made America great and strong. We all marched to the same drummer (i.e. had the same common values/goals) while at the same time bringing a richness and variety of resources, cultures and skills to advance a common cause. All of which blended to show the richness and diversity of God himself and how each of us uniquely reflected his image in us.

Both are necessary for America to continue to be great and strong. We have drifted from our common values over time which has been the glue that holds us together in all our diversity.

This is not theory but our history. Yet some (not the vast majority but a tireless, driven and loud minority [not speaking ethnically, if you are wondering]) today want to throw away the common values our country was founded on that has proven to make us the bastion of flourishing and liberty over the years.

If we, as a people, are to continue to be the country where men and women are free to develop their abilities to the maximum of their potential and to the glory of God we must return to those common values that made us strong from the beginning.

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