Thursday, June 2, 2016

Freedom of choice?

God gave us freedom of choice. If we had no choice there would not have been the forbidden tree in the garden. 

Our choice involves the freedom to pursue him or attempt to be our own god. 

He continues to give us freedom of choice. 

He does so for two reasons. He wants us to choose him 

1. Freely


2. Willingly

Freedom of choice allows us to experience why we are not designed to be our own god i.e. To let us see firsthand that being our own God does not work. 

Allowing us to experience the fruit of our free choice persuades us to also willingly 
choose pursuing him; to choose operating according to his design (as his dependent creatures) versus being our own god i.e. He leaves our choose intact but seeks to change our "wanter." He's about changing our wanter, not stifling or removing our 

The bottom line… God wants us to choose to be who he made us to be willingly and freely. He does not force us or program us to do so.  

Love that is not freely chosen is not true love, it is programmed. There is no true love without real choice. 

An old expression says, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink."

However this expression fails to recognize that you can always salt the oats. This is not a violation of the will but the creating of awareness; an awareness of need. God allows us to experience our true need/condition so that we will freely choose the best option.

Adam and Eve had never experienced death/evil and could not fully appreciate the benefit of good from God until they had lost it by turning away from their dependence on God. Eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil resulted in them experiencing evil/death (harm) firsthand.

For a further discussion on choice click here. 

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