Monday, July 20, 2015

Our "chooser" is not broken

Our "chooser" is not broken, our "wanter" is. Even in our current state of rebellious unbelief, we still can make choices and those choices are truly our own. We know this is true if only because God holds us fully responsible for those choices. We also know it's true from our experience. 

But what we desire/want most is determined by what we believe is best for us.  Anything we desire/want, if not prompted by God's love for us, in us and through us, will lead to the wrong choice by default simply because we are still in a state of rebellious independence and committed to being our own god i.e. making life work without God (and far more then we like to admit, even as his children). 

And the reason we believe the wrong thing is best (outside the influence and direction of God's Spirit), is because we are blinded by our commitment to being our own god i.e. we are attracted to and choose that which does not disrupt our commitment to independence from God (unless of course God interferes and disrupts this). 

Because we want the wrong things, due to unbelief, we choose the wrong things. But it is still our choice never the less. And we are still fully accountable for that choice. 

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