Sunday, March 26, 2017

created for glory II

Our need and desire for significance/worth/value/glory is not our problem. We were created for *glory; to receive it, experience it, reflect it back to the Source and out to others.

Why? Because God is all glorious. In order to experience his glory we must participate in it.

We cannot participate in his glory if we do not have the capacity to experience/ participate in it i.e. we are created for glory; his glory. 

By participating in His glory, we experience our own.

This is part of being in God's image. We are like God i.e. designed to behold and enter into His glory thereby experiencing our glory

This also explains why everything we do apart from God (i.e. actions that are not driven by the Spirit/love of God) is an attempt to gain or restore the glory we lost and so desperately desire; to gain a sense of meaning, significance, worth, purpose etc through our finite, feeble, independent efforts.

However we can never successfully (i.e. permanently) find these outside of God, since he created us for infinite and ultimate glory which is only in and through him.

A desire for worth isn't our problem; attempts to acquire it (i.e. "self worth") on our own, apart from God, through our efforts is. An infinite need for worth/glory can never be satisfied by a finite source i.e. us and our use of other created things outside of us. 

Our need is infinite because God is infinite in love/glory. We were designed to be engaged with and for the infinite i.e. God. This is where we shine best and brightest and have our greatest sense of joy, meaning, purpose...worth. It is who we are designed to be.

Fallen from glory....

To behold God's glory we must see his glory. To see it, God must reveal himself to us. Why? Because we turned away from God, severing our relation with him with all the infinite love and life that came through that relationship/union. We broke away by acting contrary to His loving direction and design and are now **empty and blind i.e. we can no longer see God is all his glory (though we can certainly see enough to know something significant about him Rom 1:19-20).

Still created for it...

However we are still created for glory i.e. we long for it and still have the capacity to behold his glory, just like a person with cataracts still has eyes capable of seeing that have been blocked and blinded by disease. God must do spiritual surgery and remove the obstruction (sin along with all it's effects) before we can see again.

When the obstruction is removed and our eyes are opened (unblocked) we again began to see God in his infinite majesty, beauty, wisdom, power and love (i.e. his glory). We find what our hearts have longed for all along and we start to fill with light again. The more we focus in on this most glorious God the more we experience and participate in the glory we were originally designed for. As we do we increasingly are filled with his glory and shine it back to him and out to others more and more.

John 17:22  The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, 

Rom 8:21  that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God

2Co 3:18  And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. 

1Co 13:12  For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known. 

1Jn 3:2  Beloved, we are God's children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears (he is displayed to us in all his glory)
we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is. 

Mar 12:29  Jesus answered, "The most important is, 'Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. 30  And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.'  31  The second is this: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no other commandment greater than these." 

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*What would be the equivalent for the word glory today? If you look at the word in the original Hebrew and Greek, it gives us an interesting picture. 

Hebrew definition

H3519   כּבד    כּבוד        kâbôd  kâbôd   kaw-bode', kaw-bode'

From H3513; properly weight; but only figuratively in a good sense, splendor or copiousness: - glorious (-ly), glory, honour (-able).

Greek definition

G1392  δοξάζω  doxazō
Thayer Definition:
1) to think, suppose, be of opinion
2) to praise, extol, magnify, celebrate
3) to honour, do honour to, hold in honour
4) to make glorious, adorn with lustre, clothe with splendour
4a) to impart glory to something, render it excellent
4b) to make renowned, render illustrious
4b1) to cause the dignity and worth of some person or thing to become manifest and acknowledged
From G1391
From the base of G1380  δοκέω
dokeō; from δόκος dokos (opinion); to have an opinion, to seem: - deem (1), expect (1), has a mind (1), inclined (1), recognized (1), regarded (1), reputation (3), reputed (1), seem (3), seemed best (1), seemed fitting (1), seemed good (4), seems (3), suppose (5), supposed (2), supposes (1), supposing (4), think (18), thinking (1), thinks (6), thought (4).
At first it is not apparent how these two definitions might be connected. In the OT Israel was predominately agricultural, so the more weighty something was (or the greater the number, such as 1000 camels verses 100) meant the more valuable, like 10 bushels are heavier then one or several talents of gold weighed more than one. The greater or more "copious" the amount the heavier it's weight and the greater it's value. 

To show forth or manifest the dignity and worth of something in the NT was to put it on display. Shining to light on a copious pile of gold coins would reveal the great value there. 

In both this definitions is the idea of great worth. By the simple fact that we are in God's image and therefore have the capacity to experience and display God's great worth/glory makes us significant and of great worth. In so doing we also find our greatest worth and glory. 

**it is not that we experience nothing of life, but we only experience limited aspects of physical and emotional life through the creation (us and the world around us) but these are all finite and do not bring full life as we were designed to experience. We are made for the infinite i.e. God himself, the source of love, life and all things. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

consequences and benefits of the law

Regarding the law scripture tells us there are...

Benefits  (blessings) in following it


Consequences (curses) in not following it

(by law I mean God's moral law summarized in the greatest and second commandment)

Those benefits and consequences fall under two broader categories.

·        Legal
·        Practical

Legal benefits:

If we operated according to the law perfectly we would be operating in alignment with and according to God's will and our design. This would be honoring and pleasing to God and result in a harmonious and right standing and relationship with him. It would also result in a harmonious alignment with who we are and how the rest of creation is designed to function. We would be living as God has designed us to and therefore as his approved image bearers, instead of rebellious and condemned creatures, cut off from and outside of his love. 

This was what Adam had before he broke trust with God and would have continued to have had as long as he had not rejected God's instructions/direction to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Of course we do not and can not now live in perfect obedience due to our spiritually dead condition resulting from our rejecting God's direction/law i.e. in our present condition outside of Christ and apart from God's Spirit living in us revealing to us the beauty of God which stirs us in pursuing God, we have no innate resources to obey God as we were designed to. We are helpless spiritually. Without outside intervention by God infusing his love and love back into is we have no hope. 

Legal consequences:

When we operate outside the law (his design and will) we come under the rightful and just judgment and condemnation of God for dishonoring him and others. We go from being faithful children to self declared enemies. Ultimately enemies are rightfully tried, condemned and sentenced. They are in opposition to what is right and true; they are against the true order of things. Most importantly they are against the one who gives us the proper way to conduct ourselves for the benefit of all and for his honor. 

All harm or loss can not go unaddressed but must be restored/repaid back to those we harmed, who suffered loss.

Practical benefits:

When we operate according to our original design (which the law reveals and lays out for us) we are aligning ourselves with the reality of who God is and who we are. We are behaving exactly as we should; fulfilling our design as perfect image bearers of God, perfectly loving him according to who he is and the love and honor due him and also perfectly reflecting him to others; causing others to consider him and find perfect joy and delight in him through our displaying his worth/glory. 

This results in our operating to the maximum of our capacity and having the maximum impact for good. We are drawing near to God and thereby experiencing more of who God is (the author of love and life) and desires us to experience of him in all his glory. This results in our loving others as they were designed to be loved and our greatest joy in operating according to that design. 

Practical consequences:

Why are we now his enemies? Because this results in harm, loss and potential destruction to others (as well as our own harm) whom he created and loves e.g. " mess with those I love, you are messing with me..." 

That destruction is displayed in two ways. 

Dishonoring Him:

To dishonor God is to harm others because we are not displaying God by our words and deeds as he truly is (all loving, wise, powerful and glorious). We are not demonstrating to others the complete worthiness and greatness of God, through our total loyalty/obedience to him. This results in others being drawn away from him, not to him due to our behavior and hinders their experiencing him, the source of love, life and all things, which is to their benefit.  

In short we are denying others the love and life in and from God that we were designed to display and they are designed to experience through us as fellow image bearers. 

Dishonoring Others:

To harm others is also to dishonor God.  We dishonor God when we harm those who are in God's image and the objects of his love i.e. God places value on all his image bearers and their well being. After all they are like God and therefore his beloved creatures

When we operate outside the perimeters of our original design, it results also in our loss of love and life (i.e. God himself) with all the subsequent consequences i.e. pain suffering and eventual death.

The importance of the law; some additional thoughts:

In order to stay in harmonious relationship with anything (animate or inanimate), we must understand first that everything operates a*certain way.  We must align ourselves with how something operates if we are to enjoy all the benefits of our aligning ourselves with that design and not incur the natural consequences of violating the design of whatever/whoever that is.

*(i.e. according to absolute and objective laws/principles. For a discussion of the grounds for right and wrong/morality click here).

This starts with God first. God is the first cause of all things. He is also a certain way (he is love) and operates according to a specific purpose/end i.e. to multiply his love to others which only occurs when others see him in all his majesty. Therefore all he has created is designed to operate a certain way and toward a specific end (for us that means to receive his infinite love and reflect it back to him and out to others).  

When we do not follow his design (spelled out in the law) we are acting contrary to God's design and will. This results in our harming others (as well as ourselves), which in turn results in the necessity (i.e. requirement) that we restore those we have harmed (it is required because they are also designed for love and worthy of being treated with love by virtue of God's design). This violation is a practical result of not following the law (his will/design), which has legal consequences.

This also addresses the question of sin. What is it exactly? 

For sin to exist, there must be a violation of some objective reality, order or design i.e. for a violation to occur, there must be an order or design that can be violated.

Sin is simply rebellion from or violation of who God is (the God of love, life and all things), who we are and how he designed things to operate. 

God's declared moral law is simply God communicating in words how we are designed to operate. To disobey the law is to distrust and reject the Designer. 

How does violation of God's law harm others: a recap

First it dishonors God i.e. it minimizes or out right dismisses the honor and glory *rightly due him. A glory that belongs only to him because he alone is the cause and sustainer of all things.

It does not harm God in the sense God is diminished in his person/being in some way. 

Act 17:24  The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man, 25  nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything... 

God is self sustained within his being as Father, Son and Spirit and therefore needs no one outside himself. Whereas everything needs and depends on God. The very existence of everything is caused by him and depends entirely on his existence. We owe everything to him. He owes us nothing. 

Though he can never be diminished in his being, he can be diminished in the eyes of our fellow images bearers (and the rest of creation can thereby be harmed). This is displeasing to God because God is love and loves all of his creation and particularly those who are in his image (God said everything he created was good Gen 1:4 ff). This harm carries with it both legal and practical consequences.

It also dishonors and harms others. How? It is to their harm because God is the source of all things. If we live in a way that points others away from God as that source, instead of to him, it is to their harm. This is a practical consequence.

This destruction/harm must be restored, fixed or paid back. This is a legal consequence.

The challenge however is without God we do not have the resources to follow him perfectly or to adequately restore those we harm. We simply don't have the resources because we no longer have the source of them i.e. God. As rebels to God's will and design we have broken off relationship with the only one who gives life and love which enables us to live according to his design for us and fully pursue him. As rebellious image bearers we are cut off from the source of life and love, alone and powerless to carry out or pursue Gods design and will i.e. we are not able to see or pursue God on our own. A practical consequence.

This was the essence of God's warning that the day we act contrary to God's direction (which was to NOT eat of the tree of  the knowledge of God and evil) we will die i.e. he was warning us that we will cut ourselves off and no longer be connected to the source of love and life which enlivens, empowers and inspires us to pursue him. This resulted in our immediate spiritual death and eventually our physical death. Again a practical consequences.


The solution to our violation of God's law

Because Christ stepped in on our behalf and paid for the harm we have and do to others, and credited to us his track record of total faithfulness (Matt 5:17-18) to his father (as spelled out in the moral law), we are now looked upon as if we are those who perfectly obey God and therefore live in perfect harmony with his will and design (his moral law summed up in the greatest and second commandment) for us even though in reality we do not. He treats us (love us perfectly and infinitely, cares for us completely, receives and embraces us fully) as if we are perfect when we aren't.

Christ's work has totally secured  for us a right standing/status with God and therefore his infinite love for us as well, but this does not change the violation of our design or the need to operate according to God's will. There will still be practical consequences for not doing so, though no longer legal consequences i.e. if we are in Christ, there is no longer or every will be any judgment or condemnation again for violating God's will and the subsequent loss of God's love for us (Rom 8;1, 38-39).

There is still loss and harm to others however, when we do not love them as God does. And that loss must still be repaid. But because Christ has paid for it, we can now forgive those who violate us just as God offers to forgive them and us in Christ for violating him and others.

The outcome of that solution

Now as God's perfectly loved, fully accepted and embraced children, we are free from the condemnation of our violation of the law (God's perfect will and design). This freedom allows us (and also moves us) to now pursue God with all our heart soul mind and strength. It restores the love and trust we need to do so i.e. because God's love is now fully restored to us, this in turn increasingly restores our trust of him and love for him and the desire, will and strength to pursue him again (Rom 8:1-4).

This however does not spare us from the consequences of violated his will and design. Yet even in the pain of that violation/consequence God is working for our ultimate good and best. Our violations can no longer result in our ultimate harm but only in our ultimate gain (Rom 8:28-29) (though it still can cause temporary pain and suffering). 

Why are the legal and practical separate? 

For God's children, the legal and practical consequences and benefits are separated only because in our present state God has to deal with them separately given our ongoing propensity to sin i.e. even in Christ we are still inclined to go against God's law (will and design) and do. Even though in Christ we are just/righteous legally we are still unjust or unrighteous in practice (you could also say we are righteous objectively but not yet subjectively). We simply do not, in our present unglorified condition and present existence, love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength or our neighbor as ourselves. Once we are fully glorified this dichotomy will cease and we will be fully restored and whole as we were originally designed to be i.e. our experience will then match our legal status. 

Originally the legal and practical were both part of our experience simultaneously. But because of our rebellion, in order for God to freely pour out his love on us again, he had to address the legal consequence of our rebellion first and remove the barrier between us created by that rebellion. Eventually the full practical benefits (i.e. no more pain etc) will be our experience as well later in eternity  i.e. at our glorification.

To say it another way, God figured a way to love us even while we were still unlovely (not fully living/operating according to his will and design).  He did this by basing his love for us on the loveliness of another and not on ours (or our lack of loveliness). And because the loveliness of this other (Christ) is perfect, so now is God's love for us. 

Sin not only no longer interferes with or interrupts God's love for us, it now even becomes a tool God uses to teach us how to draw nearer to him. 

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The value of tension, paradox and seeming contradictions

Whenever God gives us a truth, there is often a seemingly opposite truth that goes alongside it and appears contrary to it. Such as God is totally sovereign in the affairs of men and man is fully responsible for his choices. 

Many key truths in scripture are in tension. The greatest truths seem to be those found within these greatest points of tension; between apparently opposing or opposite realities; the seeming contradictions and greatest paradoxes. In other words there is a deeper and fuller truth hidden within the paradox and tension of seemingly opposite truths. 

I would further suggest that those truths most in tension hold the most significant deeper truths i.e the greatest discoveries lie within the greatest tensions. Truths are in tension for good reason; that we might press further in to God in greater trust, to discover the richest and most rewarding realities about him (and ourselves) within the tension. 

Paradox easily misunderstood. 

Because the most profound truths and realities are often found in tension, the deeper truths to be discovered within are easily missed, misapplied or misunderstood.

Like walking a tight rope (at the apex of  truths in tension), if one leans too far to one side or the other they fall off and away from the truth we are meant to uncover in the tension.

We prefer "either or" scenarios because ironically, it's a form of control (or rather an attempt at a false sense of control). We don't like doing a balancing act. It takes a lot of effort (trust) and can be uncomfortable and even exhausting over time. The desire to feel settled ("off the fence") versus feeling unsettled creates stress. We don't like stress but comfort. 

Feeling "settled" is a control thing, tension is a "faith" thing. What we can't control creates tension and requires trust. 

Why denominations

I think these seemingly contradictory truths are also a main reason why there are often strong differences among various groups/denominations within the church at large. We settle on one side or the other of truths in tension to the exclusion of the other side (and gravitate to the group that agrees with us) when both sides are not just taught in scripture but necessary for our greatest understanding of those deeper truths and our greater advancement in our relationship and walk with God i.e. the advancement of our faith in God. 

I believe humility would go a long way in preventing this. We must recognize we are finite and only God is infinite and knows all things. We must submit to him when we have differences instead of dogmatically insisting we see all things clearly and others don't. At a minimum we can recognize that if our understanding of who God is and how he operates is clearer today then it was "yesterday" it is only due to humility and recognizing we must always be learning and have much yet to see. 

Tension...the result of the fall

I propose however the tension is within us not the truths themselves. First it is part of our being finite creatures. Only God knows and sees all. We do not. We don't like this. It goes contrary to a rebellious commitment to independence i.e. to be our own god.

Tension is also part of being broken and living in a broken world. It is the fruit of death (separation from God, the source of love and life) God warned of. It is a form of pain/suffering. When we rebelled everything fragmented. Not just our relationship with God but with others and ourselves. 

When we trust (what we can't fully understand) the tension tends to subside or go away altogether; though not necessarily the paradox causing the tension. The inability to reconcile the paradox may never go away this side of eternity, but remains. 

Tension is the fruit of the fall and ultimately the result of our mistrust in God; in his goodness, wisdom and power. It is the fruit of placing our trust in ourselves and our ability to make sense out of life unaided i.e. independent of God. If we think we can, when we can't we experience tension. 

However, there is no tension, confusion, mystery or lack of clarity within God. Everything makes perfect sense to him. In fact if we believe the claims within scripture, we know he sees and knows all (is all wise), is infinitely good and loving and does everything accordingly; especially the things we don't understand. The way God is bringing things about is exactly the perfect way for them to be brought about. It is this reality we are ultimately called to believe/rest in.  

Some examples of truths in tension

·      You're totally and perfectly righteous before God in Christ. You are still totally broken and sinful, and increasingly more aware of both.
·      To live you must die, 
·      To find your life you must lose your life
·      To be exalted (lifted high) you must be humbled (go low). 
·      "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (true wealth [not necessarily material wealth] comes through poverty)
·      "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. (the greatest comfort often comes through the greatest sadness)
·      "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. (conquering comes through surrendering)
·      "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied (fullness comes through hunger)
·      God is the Sovereign Creator and Sustainer of all things yet he brings about the advancement of his kingdom only through his people/the church. 
·      God hates evil yet fully incorporates evil in bringing about his perfect plans. 
·      God is totally sovereign in salvation yet man is totally responsible for rejecting Gods offer of that salvation.
·      Jesus was and is fully God while also fully man  

·      God is one in essence but also three distinct persons.

It is in wrestling with these and many other truths in tension, we come closest to truly knowing God and his ways (though not necessarily fully). 

There is always mystery. If there was not, he would cease to be the infinite "bottomless" God and we would cease to look to him and trust him for greater understanding. We would simply depend on our reason alone.

And it is only in our looking to him (not to our logic alone) and resting in him that we find our greatest joy, contentment, rest and peace (lack of confusion). If we seek these through perfect clarity of all mysteries, we will never have it simply because we are finite and broken, living in a broken world. To use a biblical description, we now "see through a glass darkly..." That will not change this side of eternity. 

The fact that we are feeling tension in any given area, be it in our understanding of truth or our challenging circumstances (and not being able to understand them), is because there is an underlying reality yet to be discovered in or through the tension, and a place of trust we have not yet reached. 

It is this reality we must ask God to help us learn well. The tension requires we do so.

Pain, tension and spiritual advancement

It is in wrestling with the balance/tension between vital truths that we grow most.

CS Lewis alluded to this when he said truths (and lies) come in pairs and we must be careful to not back away in reaction to one error and fall off the cliff on the other side into another.

Our points of greatest pain, tension and/or confusion are often our greatest times of epiphany and spiritual advancement.

This doesn't mean we should necessarily seek pain found in tension but neither should we avoid it when we can't. Some tensions we cannot eliminate and should not. Rather we need to delve in and wrestle with them to discover the great truths God has for us within them. When it does come, embrace it and learn from it. It always has something to tell us about God and ourselves that is important, if we are listening.

Beauty is in the harmony of diversity and tension

The beauty of God is not physical but has to do with his nature; with harmony in diversity (a key aspect of the Trinity) and how God makes the seeming contradictions of his being work and harmonize together; how there is no conflict within God; everything fits perfectly together.

And the greater the contrast (tension) and variation of the parts, the more unique, amazing and beautiful it is when they work together in harmony.

This is true of God's being as well as his purposes and plans. 

Who among us doesn't say "how beautiful" when we see things we wouldn't normally think would work together, harmonizing? 

An example: the tension and the interplay of choice and the sovereignty of God.

Are we "free" to choose? 

God respects our choice so much he lets us make bad decisions so we will figure out how bad they are and not make them again but rather turn away from them and make good ones. 

That way, when we do, it is our choice and no one else's. And not only are they ours but we made them because we have come to love and trust God's direction and choose him by our "free" choice not because we were programmed to choose him. For true love to happen is must happen freely. 

However, this "figuring out" the right choice is something that only occurs by God's Spirit. Our ability to choose is only because God sustains us and gives us this ability. If not we would never see or figure this out i.e. God is sovereign in our choices. 

Because of our tendency towards control versus trust we avoid tension and try to relegate the mysteries of life into nice, neat, logical boxes and miss the full value of truths in Scripture that are in tension. 

The challenge is we like things (including and maybe particularly God) to fit in neat packages. This gives us a sense of control and doesn't require trust/faith. 

Tension, paradox and seeming contradiction always require trust. We don't like trust, we like control. This was the essence of the serpents appeal in the shall be like god (in total charge of your life by) knowing good and evil... i.e. God will no longer be necessary to help you figure out what is right or wrong, good or bad etc. That will be up to you now. You can make life work without him. 

How wrong we were and how right God was in his warning. We truly did die i.e. broke away from the source of love and life...God himself. 

So we tend to fall on one side or the other of truths in scripture held in tension. In so doing we miss the deeper truths and riches that lie within that tension.

The irony is the more we trust God, the more he reveals to us and gives us a fuller understanding into those mysteries, even if not a complete understanding. 
God is after growing our faith because he's after strengthening our relationship with him. All relationships require trust. This in large part is why I believe truths are in tension. Learning is found in the tension. Humility (a key aspect of faith) precedes learning. 

The fact that we are feeling tension in any given area, be it in our understanding of truth or our challenging experiences, is because there is an underlying reality yet to be discovered in or from the tension and an opportunity to increase our trust in and strengthen our relationship with God. 

It is this reality we must find and ask God to help us learn well. 

When we do, the tension (but not necessarily that which is causing the tension) will subside or go away, possibly altogether on occasion (or at least more frequently). The degree to which we trust God is the degree to which we will have peace in the midst of struggle/tension and also the degree to which God will give us a fuller understanding into those mysteries. A peace that "passes" (goes beyond or outside of) understanding i.e. logic. 

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Government corruption

This blog was not set up for political discourse (though we always seek to bring forth truth) however from time to time I feel some things outside the usual theological arena I normally cover are too vital not to address.

Most all of us are tired of all the politics and attacks during this past (and apparently ongoing) political campaign. I propose the following summary of leaks released by Wikileaks at the link below may explain in great part what has been going on.

For those who are fuzzy about the veracity of Wikileaks itself, all you need to know is they are simply an information clearing house, so to speak. They actually are doing what reporters should be doing. Reporting on things the government does that leakers feel the people should know about i.e. government corruption.

This by the way, was in fact why the founders felt freedom of the press so vital. To be an unrestrained watchdog of government and a check on government corruption.

         By the way, what would be the best way for those involved in government corruption to            avoid scrutiny? Control the press. For more on this click here

By way of analogy, what if you worked for a bank and discovered the president of the bank had developed a scheme by which money could be siphoned off into his own personal account without detection. And you had solid proof this was occurring. But when you tried to bring this to others within the bank, they simply dismissed it as nuts (he's the president after all and everyone knows he's a good guy). They ridiculed you either out of fear for their own job and/or their reputation being smeared or because they were party to the corruption by getting money or some other benefit through the scheme.  

You knew in time this would cause the bank to collapse. Not only were you concerned about the depositors but also the shareholders. And of course you did not want to be party to any of this once the bank went under. But to come forward to expose this certainly meant your termination or your possibly being slandered, hurting your reputation and ability to get work elsewhere. 

What would you do? Where would you go? You would go to someone willing to bring forth the information to the public see the evidence for themselves, without exposing you as the source. That is precisely what WikiLeaks offers. This was similar to what Snowden did as well. 

How does Wikileaks get their information. From leakers... whistle blowers within government or whatever operation they are a part of and bringing proof  of  the corruption to Wikileaks. Nothing more and nothing less.

Why do the leakers come to Wikileaks. Because Wikileaks has an impeccable track record of not divulging their sources since there inception 10 years ago. If they ever did, the leakers would stop bringing them information. Reason? If they were exposed, the information they brought forth could result in their losing their jobs, or possibly far worse. Just like any reporting outlet, Wikileaks never divulges their sources.

Nor have they ever published anything that has been proven to be anything other than what it is. Direct words ("unintended confessions") from the sources themselvesALL the information is either correspondence by or between the sources themselves or documents produced by those sources of their nefarious actions. No commentary, no editing, just pure info from the source.

Wikileaks also does considerable research to confirm the veracity of the information given to them, otherwise they don't report it. This is also part of why they have an impeccable reputation for accuracy. Nothing they have brought forth to date has proven to be inaccurate in substance or regarding the parties involved. Not even by the parties themselves. In fact from what I understand, there hasn't even been an attempt to refute the information brought forth. The parties know it would be pointless because the documents/reports are rock solid, 100% accurate. 

If you were the party being exposed, what would your attitude be towards the reporter (in this case Wikileaks). You would despise them, would you not. After all, they have been party to exposing your criminal activity. 

Assange, the chief editor is what we would call liberal politically, for those who care to know. For those who wonder why so many "hits" have been on liberal politicians, it is simply because those are the leaks being brought to them i.e. apparently the corruption is more common among this group or at least the reports are more frequent. 

Remember Wikileaks is not the source of the leaks, only the distributor of them. If they get any proof of corruption, regardless of the source or their political affiliation they pass it along. Wikileaks simply exposes corruption brought to them. It does not target particular political agendas or parties. 10 years ago, WikiLeaks became famous for exposing elements of the Bush administration and the Iraq wars, and quickly became heroes to the left at the time.

For the top 100 leaks posted through Wikileaks prior to these most recent ones regarding Vault 7 click here

Here's is the latest report from Assange himself

For some comments of what is going on, here is what I believe is a spot on assessment by Monica Crowely who herself was a victim for coming forth with truth.