Monday, April 25, 2016

Fear anxiety and anger connected

Fear, anxiety and anger are tied together. How?

They all have to do with harm, loss or pain.
  • Fear is in anticipation of harm, loss or pain
  • Anxiety is in expectation of harm, loss or pain
  • Anger is in reaction to harm, loss or pain
1. Fear occurs if and when there is no action or before action is taken.  
2. Fear turns into anxiety when we are ready to take action or once action is necessary and about to occur.
3. Anxiety turns into anger after we have taken action which results in the harm, loss or pain.

Since our rebellious distrust of God in the garden we all live in a constant, though often unconscious, state of fear and anxiety and *anger.

What is the solution? God, who redeems harm, loss and pain, using it to strengthen and advance us in our relationship with him, if and when we trust him.

*If you question or doubt you have any anger, have you ever questioned or become upset over why there is so much pain and suffering in the world or felt it's unfair? This question usually comes out of a "low grade" anger over harm, loss or pain; either yours or others. (for more on the blame question click here

We can express sadness over harm loss and pain but this is different than anger. Sadness recognizes our plight is the result of our own choices. Anger plays the victim and blames God or others for our harm loss or pain.

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