Friday, November 13, 2015

A heart loved is a mind and will freed

To the degree we trust we are fully loved is the degree to which we will see clearly and choose wisely.

We cannot see clearly or choose wisely until we trust we are fully loved.

(Even though we are fully loved in Christ, our trust in that love [i.e. subjective involvement] does not equal the strength of that love [i.e. the objective reality of it], so we might experience it fully).

We usually think what we need most is right understanding, facts, knowledge and right choices in order to best get on in life. Knowledge and choice are the most important things we might think. However these can not occur correctly i.e. according to reality/truth until things are addressed at a much more fundamental level.

We are primarily relational beings, not just rational and willful. By that I mean we are designed to be in relationship first and foremost. Our thinking and choosing only work correctly when the core defining aspect of who we are is fully in tact (Think of those times you went to the grocery store when you were starving verses when you were full. Did this affect what was most appealing to you while shopping? Wasn't it easier to rationalize buying junk food that could be consumed quickly verses something more healthy that took time to prepare; a delayed gratification. In most cases our reasoning and choices are effected and driven by our emotional and spiritual state as well as physical hunger).

And not just any relationship, but one that offers us constant, never failing, never ending, infinite love. Why is this? Because we were designed to be in a relationship with a being that is constant, never failing, never ending and infinite in love (God doesn't just love this way, He is this way by virtue of his being a relational being as Father, Son and Spirit). This is why both God and Christ said his "name" is "I AM." As the bible says it, we are made in God's image.

Right knowledge and right choices are certainly important but only in service to relationship. The point is we can not obtain these without being rightly loved first. As long as we are not loved fully, our knowledge and choices are skewed towards that which we think (believe) works best at satisfying our need to feel worthwhile, important, significant... in a word, love.

This raises the question of why we are not fully loved. Well in fact we are. Love has been fully displayed and extended to us but we reject this love (Jn 3:17-18). We are in such deep (and hidden) pain we will not entrust ourselves to the love of another but prefer to take care of ourselves, thank you.

Christ himself told us that His Father so loved us that he sent me (Christ) here to this world of pain and struggle to bring us (you) everlasting life. Your not believing this (trusting what Christ said and did) in itself proves you refuse to entrust yourself to (and in fact reject) the source of all love and life?

If you do not accept the proof of his love, you will not experience the love that is offered and demonstrated by Christ through what he did on your behalf.

And what he did was remove the barrier your rejection of God puts between you and him so that he might restore you back to a right standing that you might experience his infinite love again. Until then everything is skewed; all knowledge and all choices. 

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