Sunday, November 8, 2015

Enjoying life… Rejecting the giver of it

Being disconnected from the Source of life and love can only result in pain and suffering. Why? Because we were not designed to operate apart from our Creator/Source, no more than the body was designed to function without food and water. To go without these, we die i.e. we experience pain and suffering.

To go without spiritual life (a sense of meaning/purpose/value) and love we also die. But this is a spiritual and emotional death that does not immediately result in physical death. 

Because our disconnection does not result in immediate physical death we continue to operate and seek life (a sense of meaning/purpose/value) the best way we know how, but on our own terms, not Gods (the very God who gives and sustains all things we enjoy).

Our disconnection is total in the sense of our trust in God. We have totally rejected him.

However we are not totally disconnected from the benefits of creation. We can still see, hear, smell, taste and feel the good gifts of this life. But we no longer view them as gifts from our Creator (due to our distrust and rejection of him). We view them as resources to use (and often abuse) as we see fit without any regard to God the giver.

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