Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Loving ourselves… part II

More and more we hear talk about loving our self. Why? My observation (personal and of others) is this comes from a deep, often unconscious, sense of feeling unloved. 

When you know you are truly and deeply loved, you rarely think about being loved any more than you think about eating right after a very large, satisfying meal.

The truth is we all have a deep sense of feeling unloved simply because we are disconnected and separated from our Creator; the source of love and of *life itself. However this sense will be more or less exaggerated and felt depending on how much love we did or did not receive from our family of origin.
*though we still have access to and use of created things using them as substitutes (which includes other creatures i.e. animate and inanimate).
Folks usually resort to self love because they have been deeply hurt or let down by others and no longer trust others to come through for them. They believe they can only trust themselves, so this is where they go for love. 

Because of the breakdown of the family unit and the support system it gives there is an increasing number of children experiencing this deep sense of missing love, resulting in increased efforts to self-love. The greater the breakdown, the greater the effort. Hence the rise in the appeal and allure of self-love and the age of the "selfie."

The challenge however is when all is said and done, we were designed for infinite love. A finite being (yourself and others) can never give you infinite love i.e. an infinite need can never be meet by a finite solution. Only infinite love will do.

Loved well...or not

When a child is loved well (consistently) by parents who are loved well (because the parents have a strong sense of love from their Creator) and the parents clearly acknowledge to their child the reason they love well is because of God, the child will easily transfer their sense of love and trust from their parents to God when they grow up to live on their own.

The beauty of God's love is even if and when someone does not receive healthy love and support from their family of origin God can also use even this to show the greatness of his love by contrast.

Psa 27:10  Although my father and my mother have forsaken me, yet the Lord will take me up [adopt me as His child]. Amplified version.

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