Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The necessity and fear of trust

The necessity and fear of trust

Trust is a huge and necessary part of everything we do. Why?

1. We are finite. We don't know everything, can't see everything and  can't do everything (though most of us try and like to believe we can) so we must move forward trusting others, counting on and depending on them for certain things to happen. 

2. We were never designed to go at life alone i.e. To operate without God first and then others.

However trust is very hard for us for we are damaged goods. Because of our disconnection from the source of love and life we suffered (and still suffer) a deep wound. Our souls are now raw. Yet we rarely are conscious of this condition because we numb and bury it by using Gods gifts to ease our pain. 

We only become aware when that which we use to cover and ease our pain is ripped away. As a result we have a deep-seated underlining distrust and fear of being harmed again; of reopening the wound i.e. not being loved.

All of this is due to our disconnection from and distrust of the Source of life and love i.e. The root cause of our damage. 

As a result of this disconnection, we feel we are on our own and must ensure our own safety, care and love. 

Yet we can't. We must trust someone. The question is who. Is it God or ourselves.

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