Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pressure to act...good or bad?

Does guilt and shame ever pressure us to act? 

Constantly! Without the love of God filling us, by and through the grace of God, these are always a part of our actions. 

Should we ever act out of guilt and shame? 

Never! At least not if we are in Christ. 


Is all pressure to act, bad? 

No. We can feel impelled out of fullness to represent God well which is a good pressure (if we can call it that), a pressure from within; one we can embrace and should heed. 

This comes out of a love for God and desire to honor him because he has loved and honored us in Christ.


We act only for one of two reasons; the glory of God or the glory/comfort/relief of self apart from God.

Why we act (motive) is always key to distinguishing good from bad actions; good from bad pressure.

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