Monday, December 28, 2015

Unable yet still accountable

Christ tells us the greatest commandment is love God with all our heart... and our neighbors as ourselves Matthew 22:36-40.

However how can we be held accountable for not being loving when we don't have the ability to be loving on our own i.e. without God? Joh 15:4-5,12

We may not have the ability within ourselves, independent of God but

1. we do have the capacity to receive love i.e. we are still in His image.

2. we are offered free access (in and through Christ) to the source of infinite, eternal love, God himself. 

Once we receive love from the source we are empowered to love and to be loving as we were designed and have the capacity to be.

If we are freely offered infinite, eternal love and have the capacity to receive that love, It is our choice to accept or refuse it. Though we are not forced to accept God's love, the lack of fruit due to our refusal, is our responsibility i.e. If we refuse to receive the love of God and thereby are unable to love others as a result, that is a choice we have made and will be accountable for.

Our not being able to give to others what they need is not because it's unavailable to us, but simply because we refuse to receive it ourselves, so we might have it to give to others.

This would be like coming across someone starving and not having any food to give them. But you have been told there is someone who freely offers all the food both of you will ever need, yet you refuse to accept it or tell others because you distrust the one who offers the food.

If you refuse to receive what is freely available, you in turn are unable to freely give it to others, when you could have easily done so, if you had only accepted what was offered.

This is a choice you are fully responsible for. 

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