Thursday, September 24, 2015

Valuing God...the maturing process

What we value and what we want are not necessarily separate. That which we value most we desire/want most.

However we can "want" things simply because we "know we should" and not necessarily because we truly value them i.e. They don't really hold value for us, we only say they do because God (or someone else) said they should. 

And of course none of us wants to say openly that we disagree with God. So we disagree "quietly" instead i.e. we hid our true feelings and beliefs from ourselves and others (though not from God. We only attempt to hide from God) thinking by so doing we can avoid dealing with them i.e. We don't have to look at and address our unbelief/distrust in God and our subtle/hidden commitment to valuing something more then God.

A primary means of our maturing is coming to the place of wanting and valuing what we know we should i.e. what we know we should value and what we actually do value are one and the same. There is no pretense (pretending). 

When our values are totally in line and integrated with God's values we are operating as we were designed and have come to a place of true joy, fulfillment and maturity.

The first step in this process is recognizing how much we don't want or value what we know we should.

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