Thursday, June 15, 2017

Eternal progression

Being finite (limited) and being untrusting (unbelieving) are not the same. 

Being finite is not *bad or wrong, it is simply what we are i.e. we are limited, not unlimited. We have the capacity to participate in the unlimited but only when we are connected with God. 

A key aspect of unbelief (rebellion) is refusing to recognize the reality of our limitations or that of the rest of creation. 

e.g. Adam was told he was not suited to know good and evil **(yet) i.e. He was limited/finite. Yet he bought into the lie he could be his own god (someone with no limits) and no longer needed to be the limited/finite being he actually was; a being dependent on the truly and only infinite, unlimited, self sufficient one (i.e. God), for life, love and all things.

In eternity the means by which we will continue to progress is not by faith as we do presently (since we will then be face to face with God and relate to him by sight) but instead, by an ever increasing expansion of our being in greater union with the infinite source of love and life.

And because God is infinite our expansion/progression will never cease i.e. We will always be increasing in our capacity to experience and enjoy more and more of God throughout eternity. There will never come a point we will "arrive" i.e. stop expanding in our experience, for there is no end to the infinite or our capacity to experience him. 

The reason our capacity will be ever expanding is we are like God i.e. We are in God's image, designed to experience him to the maximum of who he is, without ever becoming God ourselves. 

Love is the common factor in our ongoing transformation/progression both now and in eternity. 

The love of God presently revealed to us by the Spirit through faith is what transforms us now and in eternity. The difference in eternity is that love will be experienced directly and seen face to face and not by faith i.e. No longer through a glass darkly.

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*Being limited is considered bad by many, particularly those more tied into eastern philosophy who advocate man is unlimited. They say the reason for his problems is he has not yet learned to "tap in" to himself as infinite beauty, strength and wisdom. Though we have the capacity to participate and enjoy infinite beauty, strength and wisdom this is not the same as saying we are these things within ourselves i.e. independent of God who is the source of these things. To say it directly God is he source, we are not. 

**Some have speculated that as Adam and Eve matured they might have eventually been allowed to eat of the tree. The reasoning is everything God made (all trees) were good. And knowing good and evil was an attribute of God himself and therefore must have been a good attribute but one that required something Adam and Eve did not yet have but over time might have developed. I am not sure I subscribe to this notion but it is an interesting one.  

Of course the challenge to this view is Christ "was slain before the foundation of the world" i.e. the fall at a minimum was anticipated if not planned. So a scenario that does not include the fall is purely speculation, not to mention an inferior option, otherwise it would have occurred if you believe God is the all wise Creator and Sustainer of all things/events. 

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