Saturday, April 1, 2017


Actions that come forth from the heart of one that trusts, are steady (consistent)solid and strong. They come out of a heart resting in the certainty, steadiness (consistency) and absolute reliability of another i.e. In the strength derived from trusting in another's power, wisdom and love they have for us. 

Because the source (God) of these things is steady, so is the recipient (i.e. his children). The degree to which one believes in that consistency of God's love is the degree they will be consistent in the trust and faithfulness to this God of love. 

Actions that flow out of the heart of one who knows they are loved, are not forced. They spring forth from an overflowing heart of one that knows they are infinitely loved, not from the heart of one seeking love or approval. 

These overflowing actions (that are solid/steady/strong and not forced) do not result in pride but in humility for they are the inspiration/fruit of another's reliability, strength and kindness to us, not from our own self generated strength of will. To say it another way, our wills are steeled (fortified) by the one who calls us to follow him. 

·        We trust because of the absolute trustworthiness of the One trusted.
·        We love because of the infinite love of the One who loves us i.e. our love is the fruit of being loved by him.  

Actions that cause us to have pride in ourselves are the fruit of self effort, not the fruit that springs forth from knowing and trusting we are relentlessly loved. 

Actions inspired by God's love and dependability (i.e. trustworthiness) result in humble gratitude to God. They are fruit from him; from who he is  for us.

In - comes from within
spiration - comes from the spirit.

i.e. inspiration is being moved by the spirit within us in response to God's Spirit of infinite love to us. 

Inspiration generally can come either from *our spirit or Gods. If from ours only, it is designed to get something by giving something i.e. we give to get. If from God's, it is designed to give something because of what we have already received.

(Even if it is only from our spirit, it is still from another in the ultimate sense, for we are created by another i.e. by God, in the image of another i.e. God. Everything we have and are is from him.)

When actions (or attitudes) flow out of us from the inside they are not forced. They flow freely. They are inspired. 


*Some would argue we can be "inspired" by an evil spirit, particularly if we are not indwelt by God's Spirit. In this case I would say our natural abilities are engaged and utilized to create something through the outside influence of an evil spirit for the purpose of garnering attention to ourselves. Some even deliberately try to summon and utilize this kind of influence to that end. 

Any unhealthy promotion of self, in itself, is opening up ourselves to be influenced by an "evil spirit." Evil being anything that causes harm to others (God or men) or ourselves. Actions solely for our benefit do not usually benefit others (unless it is some kind of co-dependent relationship. 

But even in a co-dependent relationship, the motive by each partner in the relationship is to get something from the other, not solely to give something to the other. It is a mutual using of the other to get what each needs and seeks. Co-dependent relationships work as long as each feels overall they are getting more than giving. Once either feels they are giving more, it falls apart. 

Though there my be short term gain in self exaltation and promotion there is long term harm and destruction. We simply were never designed to be (and never will be) all we are created to be through and by self effort. 

We can only truly (i.e. permanently and fully) flourish when we are operating under and in the power and influence of God and his love, not in an effort to acquire love. 

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