Saturday, March 4, 2017

I could never obey the law

To be consumed with the impossibility of obeying Gods commands is wrong thinking. This is our clue that we do not understand it's true purpose. This is to wrongfully think we must obey it or else... 

Obedience to God however is no longer a requirement, it's what we aspire to. Christ satisfied the necessity of perfectly obeying the law by obeying it for us, as well as taking on the ultimate consequences of our not obeying it; judgment and death. Now we can approach the law as it was truly and originally intended; as God's loving guidance (without having to look over our shoulder in fear of condemnation and dread of rejection when we blow it) so we might fully experience and participate in God's perfect design for us and thereby honor him most. 

When we understand God gives us direction for our own good and his glory, this is something we should delight in and be eager to follow, not dread. Christ took the dread (condemnation) out of the law. There is nothing to dread any longer. Christ fully met and satisfied the demands of the law (we could not obey it perfectly anyway) and boar the full consequences of us not doing so ourselves. It is finished. 

How to properly view the law

If someone told you of a pot of gold and that it was yours to keep if found, would you be excited? What if you had no idea where this gold was? All you knew is it is generally in a direction full of dangers and possible death if you made the wrong move. Would you be a little concerned or discouraged? 

Now what if this same person offered you a detailed map on how to find it? The map also gave you warning of all the various hazards along the way, what they were and how to avoid them or what to do if and when you couldn't. And also directions of where to find food, water, shelter (and medicine if needed) so you could be refreshed (or healed) on your journey. Would that encourage you; would you be more excited or would you ignore the offer of this map? And if you accepted the map, would you put it in your back pack and ignore it as you launched out in your search for the gold? To ignore it would cause at a minimum significant delay and potentially total loss. 

When we understand the true intend of the law, not as a requirement or demand to fulfill but instructions and directions on how to succeed and flourish, the law will become our delight. We will gladly embrace and pursuit it, for in doing so we are actually perusing God himself by means of his wise and loving directions. 

1Jn 5:3  For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

When we fully understand and receive his love we will gladly follow his direction. We will no longer see his directions/commands as a burden but a help. 

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