Thursday, March 9, 2017

Government corruption

This blog was not set up for political discourse (though we always seek to bring forth truth) however from time to time I feel some things outside the usual theological arena I normally cover are too vital not to address.

Most all of us are tired of all the politics and attacks during this past (and apparently ongoing) political campaign. I propose the following summary of leaks released by Wikileaks at the link below may explain in great part what has been going on.

For those who are fuzzy about the veracity of Wikileaks itself, all you need to know is they are simply an information clearing house, so to speak. They actually are doing what reporters should be doing. Reporting on things the government does that leakers feel the people should know about i.e. government corruption.

This by the way, was in fact why the founders felt freedom of the press so vital. To be an unrestrained watchdog of government and a check on government corruption.

         By the way, what would be the best way for those involved in government corruption to            avoid scrutiny? Control the press. For more on this click here

By way of analogy, what if you worked for a bank and discovered the president of the bank had developed a scheme by which money could be siphoned off into his own personal account without detection. And you had solid proof this was occurring. But when you tried to bring this to others within the bank, they simply dismissed it as nuts (he's the president after all and everyone knows he's a good guy). They ridiculed you either out of fear for their own job and/or their reputation being smeared or because they were party to the corruption by getting money or some other benefit through the scheme.  

You knew in time this would cause the bank to collapse. Not only were you concerned about the depositors but also the shareholders. And of course you did not want to be party to any of this once the bank went under. But to come forward to expose this certainly meant your termination or your possibly being slandered, hurting your reputation and ability to get work elsewhere. 

What would you do? Where would you go? You would go to someone willing to bring forth the information to the public see the evidence for themselves, without exposing you as the source. That is precisely what WikiLeaks offers. This was similar to what Snowden did as well. 

How does Wikileaks get their information. From leakers... whistle blowers within government or whatever operation they are a part of and bringing proof  of  the corruption to Wikileaks. Nothing more and nothing less.

Why do the leakers come to Wikileaks. Because Wikileaks has an impeccable track record of not divulging their sources since there inception 10 years ago. If they ever did, the leakers would stop bringing them information. Reason? If they were exposed, the information they brought forth could result in their losing their jobs, or possibly far worse. Just like any reporting outlet, Wikileaks never divulges their sources.

Nor have they ever published anything that has been proven to be anything other than what it is. Direct words ("unintended confessions") from the sources themselvesALL the information is either correspondence by or between the sources themselves or documents produced by those sources of their nefarious actions. No commentary, no editing, just pure info from the source.

Wikileaks also does considerable research to confirm the veracity of the information given to them, otherwise they don't report it. This is also part of why they have an impeccable reputation for accuracy. Nothing they have brought forth to date has proven to be inaccurate in substance or regarding the parties involved. Not even by the parties themselves. In fact from what I understand, there hasn't even been an attempt to refute the information brought forth. The parties know it would be pointless because the documents/reports are rock solid, 100% accurate. 

If you were the party being exposed, what would your attitude be towards the reporter (in this case Wikileaks). You would despise them, would you not. After all, they have been party to exposing your criminal activity. 

Assange, the chief editor is what we would call liberal politically, for those who care to know. For those who wonder why so many "hits" have been on liberal politicians, it is simply because those are the leaks being brought to them i.e. apparently the corruption is more common among this group or at least the reports are more frequent. 

Remember Wikileaks is not the source of the leaks, only the distributor of them. If they get any proof of corruption, regardless of the source or their political affiliation they pass it along. Wikileaks simply exposes corruption brought to them. It does not target particular political agendas or parties. 10 years ago, WikiLeaks became famous for exposing elements of the Bush administration and the Iraq wars, and quickly became heroes to the left at the time.

For the top 100 leaks posted through Wikileaks prior to these most recent ones regarding Vault 7 click here

Here's is the latest report from Assange himself

For some comments of what is going on, here is what I believe is a spot on assessment by Monica Crowely who herself was a victim for coming forth with truth. 

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