Monday, February 1, 2016

Operating in the Spirit…mystical or practical?

We tend to think of operating in the Spirit as an exclusively mystical experience when in fact it is very practical but with supernatural manifestations and by supernatural means.

Operating in the Spirit is simply operating under the influence and freedom of God's love extended to us by his grace in and through the Gospel i.e. The good news that we can have a complete righteousness given to us as a gift.

A part of this good news is that God is now committed to us, always working in and through us for our good and his glory, no matter what. This is good news not just regarding entry into the kingdom but good news regarding our ongoing daily operation and his working within and on behalf of us, his children. For more click here

When we grasp the full extent of God's love revealed to us by his Spirit, it "lights us up" with energy/life that pours out through us to others.

Gods love by his Spirit gives to us what has been missing ever since Adam and Eve disconnected from him through their rebellious unbelief. Outside of or without the Spirits influencing and moving us, we carry on in that same rebellion.

Before God took up residency and his abode in us by his Spirit we were like a fully decorated but unlit Christmas tree sitting alone in the dark. His love revealed to us in Christ and infused in us by his Spirit turned the lights back on. 

As long as we remain plugged in to the energy source (abide in him in all his lovewe will bear much fruit, bringing glory to him (give off much light/energy/action and put him on display). If we are not plugged in there will be no energy or light.

If we ever forget and began to think this light and energy comes from us it's like pulling away from the source (light socket) causing us to unplug again and go dark.

The difference now is nothing blocks the socket. It is always available for us to plug back into.

For more on living by grace; according to the gospel; empowered by the Spirit click here

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