Friday, January 8, 2016

The mechnism of change

The primary process or mechanism by which we change is twofold:

1. Realizing the full extent of our brokenness 


2. Realizing the full extent of God's love in spite of it. 

We should pause and reflect on these two realities continuously. We will not gain the full benefit of understanding these otherwise.

The more fully we see these the more we change. This is an ongoing never ceasing process until we go in to eternity.

In addition

To see each fully requires seeing the other. One does not occur without the other.

We cannot appreciate and understand the fullness of God's love until we know the full extent of our brokenness and our constant, ongoing need for His love 


We cannot face or fully admit the full extent of our brokenness until we understand the fullness of his love.

These are like a loop. One feeds off the other and vice versa. We are constantly going back-and-forth between these two as if in an ever expanding upward spiral, gaining a fuller understanding of each as we advance upward in increasingly greater trust of his love for us.

Also a secondary but key part of our growth is understanding we are still in Gods image even though greatly marred. The importance of this is recognizing that we are worth loving i.e. lovable... Able to receive, experience and participate in his love. We are broken but that is not saying we are useless or worthless. We are redeemable and worth being redeemed or God wouldn't have made the effort to redeem us.

For more discussion on this click here.

As broken as we are we still can receive and give love back to God and in turn reflect that love out to others to his glory i.e. drawing attention the greatness of God. 

We are *responsible i.e. "response able." We are able to respond (and do respond) in love to God when we receive his love for us.

We are valuable precisely because we are like God and therefore able to have a conscious and deliberate relationship with God. We can be and indeed in Christ, we are the sons and daughters of God and the brothers and sisters of Christ.

Thinking we can be our own god is our problem. Being in Gods image and all that this means, is not. It is a key element of our actual worth.

* Responsible:

2. Able to discharge an obligation; or having estate (property-that which we are in possession of) adequate to the payment of a debt (obligation). - webster's (1828)

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