Saturday, December 26, 2015

What is growth part 2

Growth for a believer is becoming who we already are. It is coming to the place that our experience matches our status.

As a child of God we are fully loved yet we often don't sense being fully loved.

God is fully present yet we often don't sense his presence.

God is always working for our good yet it often appears he is not.

Why is this?

·        Part of it is simply because we still live in a broken world full of pain and suffering. No matter how close we draw near to God this will be part of our existence until we leave this world. That is an external issue and the reality of our existence in a fallen world. 
·        Part of it is we don't truly believe or understand our glorious status as his beloved children. This is an internal issue and the reality of our limitations and our distrust of God. 
·        Part of it is we don't trust God fully and are still inclined to be our own god, seeking to gain a sense of meaning and purpose and love from anything and anyone other then from the one where it is truly found i.e. God himself. This hinders us from experiencing the love of God, already completely secured for us in Christ. This too is an internal issue and the fruit of our fallenness. 

The solution?

Know who God truly is and how he sees you as his beloved and precious child (this is an ongoing process we will never stop pursuing or reach the end of).

Know who you truly are as a creature designed for infinite love that can only be truly satisfied in a relationship with your infinite Creator (this too is an ongoing process you never reach the end of).

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