Thursday, December 10, 2015

Is God angry at evil?

Is God angry at *evil? Absolutely! If he were not angry about one person abusing another he would not be loving to the one being abused. It is simply wrong to hurt another. We know this instinctively and all too well, especially when we are the objects of harm and abuse.

By the way, who is the nut job that came up with this notion that there is no right or wrong and morality is a myth? We know in our gut this isn't true. This is why movies like Star Wars are so popular around the world. Instinctively humanity believes there is good vs evil no matter what your world view or religion. This is also why treating others as we wish to be treated is echoed in all religions.

In addition, treating others in an unloving fashion matters not just to the one mistreated but to God himself. Why? Because we are his image bearers whom he greatly loves/values. To hurt one of us is like a slap in the very face of God. It would be like someone defacing or destroying the Mona Lisa (valued at $782 million btw). Leonardo da Vinci (or the present owner) would not be too happy would he?

The beauty and wonder of God is His love for us is so great that he took out his anger for our abuse of others upon himself, in and through the death of Christ, so we wouldn't have to. We are no longer required to pay for all the pictures we have (or yet may) marred and damaged. God did this for us.  

And not only so, he offers to credit us with his life of perfect faithfulness in exchange for our life of unfaithfulness if we will accept this gift.

*Evilרַע   (pronounced ra) (948c) in the Old Testament Hebrew; from the same as H7455; evil, distress, misery, injury, calamity

— adversity (7), calamity (4), disaster (2), evil (94), harm (2), harmful (1), hurt (1), ruin (3), surely (1), trouble (2), unpleasant (1), wickedly (1), wickedness (1).

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