Saturday, December 5, 2015

Does "sin" matter?

Does our distrust/unbelief/sin matter?

Regarding God's love for us, our sin/distrust has absolutely no bearing and no longer matters. If we are in Christ we are totally and fully loved. His commitment to us is fixed, unmovable and relentless.

Regarding our fully experiencing that relentless, never ending, total and unconditional love, our sin/distrust absolutely matters and has total bearing.

A loving parent never stops loving and desiring the best for his or her child no matter how badly they mess up.

An untrusting and disobedient child however pulls away and alienates themselves from their parents love and does not fully participate in and experience the fullness of it. 

Distrust hinders the child's maturing and growing up to be the best they are capable of being for their own joy, good and the parents delight. A loving parent always seeks to bring out the best in their child and for their child.

God is certainly no different. In fact his is the perfect parent. Unlike our human parents God is perfect in love, perfect in wisdom, unlimited in ability, possessing all the resources to bring about our best and is always with us no matter how much we turn away from Him. 

Are you a child of God? If so you are fully and infinitely loved, no strings attached. This is a fixed and unrelenting reality.

Do you trust your heavenly Father completely in every area of your life? Do you believe He is always for you, for your highest good and not your harm. If not you are missing out on fully experiencing the infinite love God, your perfect heavenly Father, has for you.

By not understanding and distinguishing each (how our sin matters and doesn't matter) from the other, we miss out on fully benefiting from both.

Does sin matter, part II

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