Sunday, March 6, 2016

"free" will or heavily influenced?

I find human behavior fascinating (my own included e.g. "...why did I do THAT?!")

In light of this I found the below video fascinating.

This demonstrates that even though we have "free wills" (everyone made their own "free" choice to stand) our will's are heavily (if not completely) influenced by our need for acceptance/approval/love (or at least what we BELIEVE we need to do, to acquire or achieve these).

Being influenced for good

How do we counter being tossed about by the whim of others as in the video above?

When our identity is strongly anchored in Christ (he loves me no matter what I go through or what others think, do or say), we are not so easily swayed. This is likely why dictatorships do not like "religious" beliefs and most aggressively try to oppress and outlaw Christianity (or even other faiths). We are not as easily influenced by their dictates (because we are more influenced by God's).

How much of your behavior is dictated by what OTHERS think, do or say? e.g. When the polls go contrary to your views, does that effect you and make you reconsider your position? If not, you either are very principled, having strong convictions or you have a strong personality and are more a leader than a follower (the former often produces the later).

If you are anchored in Christ this will instill in you a strength you did not have before to do what you are convinced (believe) is right in the face of opposition (knowing there are eternal rewards no matter what, instills great courage and steadfastness). This is the essence of leadership; courage in the face of great opposition.

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